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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New layout, and long time no post ^^

Ahh it's been a while since i blogged, I've been busy handing in resumes, sowing whatever i can get my hands on drawing designs, yadda yadda yadda,  pretty much everything i wanted to do all last year but couldn't justify ^^
I've promised a Friend of mine a Lolita shoot, so that's on the table at the moment, but I'll leave  you with my most recent creation.

Do you like the new layout?? The background is a sketch of a lollita skirt i want to make ^^

I've loved pinstripes for a long time, and simple outfits with something small to bling them up. While I'm not good at doing that with my normal clothes, i seem to be getting the hang of it in kitsuke.

For this i chose a gold earring that has a chain tassel and a piece that clips around the top of your lobe (can't remember what it's called) unfortunately they don't often sell them in pairs, but i the same one the other day on sale and bought it so i had a pair ^^

The tateya musubi came out really nicely and crisp, so I'm quite happy with that ^^ This obi is truly one of my faves.

The kimono itself is unlined. I rarely line mine,
1: because I have trouble getting it to line up nicely
2: It's expensive ( i could be making more XP)
and last but not least,
3: I'm a snow Bunnie through and through, Australia being warmer most of the year, i prefer to not have the extra warmth so i can make more use out of my geometric kimono ^^

I think if when i get a job they'll let me, this would be a great kimono to wear during multicultural work. Business like, but definitely quirky and kimono.

If i ever made my own kimono brand, you'd probably see a lot of stuff like this,
I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.

Matta ne,

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