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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kaku obi musubi

Next year as my year 12 photography folio need a subject i'm using my pride and joy in kimono. But i had a problem , i suck at colour co-ordination. There fore mi dragged my sister into helping me work out ensombles for items i already own.For it she brought in her only obi; a mens kaku obi that is stiff as all hell but a beutiful royal blue.
Turns out the colour makes several of my kimono just pop, so this gave me the excuse i needed to hi jack it and try it on. XD
I ended up with a cute little flat musubi that i will tutorial in the next kitsuke otaku mag, but for now enjoy the pics. ^^
Please excuse my aweful osahori, i'd gotten home from my maths exam just before i put it on, so i was in no mood for padding

Monday, November 21, 2011

kitsuke otaku issue 5

Not a kitsuke post T_T But something just as interesting.

Kitsuke Otaku (the magazine i run) wishes to get out a tribute magazine for the late Onihide this December.
If you knew him or just his work, then it would be great if you could write a comment or even an article as part of the tribute.
The magazine's previous issues can be viewed here. http://www.kitsuke-otaku.deviantart.com/
(i'm still improving) XD