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Thursday, November 11, 2010

looks like i've sucumbed to my the lack of unwilling ears in my little town, so i decided to start up a blog and maybe find some more people that will listen to my bable.
So i like kimono ^^
I've been doing kitsuke for over a year now and a nice osahori still seems to evade me ( but i think it has something to do with the kimono being able to fit around me 3 times^^ and then the sudden jut of the hip) And i have recently tryed tying myself up without the help of a obimakura. It was such a loose and airy feel in comparison to my usual rib craking that i was able to move so easlily and fall alseep on the couch in it. One day you must all try it, it looks and feels awesome. But alas my kitsuke time is short during the year, as i lack either a ro kimono or a yukata that i don't call a dresing gown and we have just had our first 30 degree day with many more to come T_T  my weekend kitsuke and the front what you see here is my weekend kitsuke, that baby turned up at my front door last friday and like usual i couldn't get into it quick enough. Now i'm not someone thats usually for pink but it seems baby pink likes me and my skin, so i'm really happy
I'm not really happy with the himo, it bunched up at the back and i didn't notice until i was all done up.and i wasn't going to udo all that effort so i ended up living it like that. I wore a makura with this one, and being enthusiatsic to get everything on and to stay in place i tied it maybe a little to tight so if i bent it felt like my rib was flexing. I've learnt not to tie it that tight next time ^^
Sighning off