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Friday, December 16, 2011

summer stuff

A few weeks ago i perchased my first lot of summer kimono items.
My first yukata Yay!!!
First hanhaba obi (odori style)

 first ro obi
and a ro kimono that i've somehow lost the listing photo i saved T_T
They should turn up sometime after next monday. Hopefully before i travel to the family over christmas so i can be comfy on christmas ^^ I can't wait to try them on and use them in some photoshoots for school.

Mind i think i need a juban for the ro kimono (woops)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kaku obi musubi

Next year as my year 12 photography folio need a subject i'm using my pride and joy in kimono. But i had a problem , i suck at colour co-ordination. There fore mi dragged my sister into helping me work out ensombles for items i already own.For it she brought in her only obi; a mens kaku obi that is stiff as all hell but a beutiful royal blue.
Turns out the colour makes several of my kimono just pop, so this gave me the excuse i needed to hi jack it and try it on. XD
I ended up with a cute little flat musubi that i will tutorial in the next kitsuke otaku mag, but for now enjoy the pics. ^^
Please excuse my aweful osahori, i'd gotten home from my maths exam just before i put it on, so i was in no mood for padding

Monday, November 21, 2011

kitsuke otaku issue 5

Not a kitsuke post T_T But something just as interesting.

Kitsuke Otaku (the magazine i run) wishes to get out a tribute magazine for the late Onihide this December.
If you knew him or just his work, then it would be great if you could write a comment or even an article as part of the tribute.
The magazine's previous issues can be viewed here. http://www.kitsuke-otaku.deviantart.com/
(i'm still improving) XD


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ko furi fun time

Been a while, but i return bearing fun news.
Finnaly i'm goiing to have some ladys hakkama plus a bonus 2 kimono (ko furi at that) I can't wait to get my hands on them.
On the down side i have to wait till my birthday at the end of the month till i can have them since i'm paying dad back with expected b day money. And i had to pay for expensive shipping to, there goiing to be sitting in his cubourd for weeks Crys, oh well i'll have them forevor after that.

This is the first one, it has white rabbits with red eyes on the sleeves witch will make it a real sentimental kimono for me since i lost my precious rabbit ruby who had this traits in november last year. The hakkama it comes with will need some ironing.

 I've been looking for a chocolate brown kimono for a while now. I had this idea in my head to pair it with a rich blood red obi. (plus it's my second favourite colour) XD

I can't wait to get my hands on these. And a big thanks to Yamtoku for posting them ^^
Best buy for $40 i've done in a while ^^

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter kitsuke

happy late easter everyone. I spent easter sunday finding egg's and wearing kimono. It was heaps of fun, and kimono sleeves are suprsingly good for storing eggs in instead of carrying a basket ^^

Me and my dress making doll. I was stuffing around trying out some things. everyting on it i made except the belt ^^

Obi shot
And just for fun ^^

well matta ne ^^